February 4, 2024


Seventeen year old Remy West is a typical high school senior.  She is bright, popular with her friends and schoolmates, a leader on her cheerleader squad and looking forward to the next chapter of her life when she graduates and attends college.  Like most teenaged girls living in an affluent area of Long Island and part of what many consider the popular group, Remy has her insecurities.  One of the prettier girls in school, Remy has never had, nor wanted, a serious relationship or any relationship at all.  She feels much more at ease in a small, quiet group of people or just hunkering down at home with a good book, rather than hanging in a big crowd or partying with whom many consider to be her popular group of friends.  

Remy has always felt that a piece of her was incomplete and her quest for something deeper often cast her as cold, conceited and a bit of a tease by others.  Even as a little girl, Remy had an intense feeling that something bigger was awaiting her, just out of reach.  But now, as a popular senior with the all of the peer pressure that accompanied such a label, it would be so much easier if she could just let go, not care, and go with the flow her friends always seemed to want from her.  

Such pressure was no more present than with Daniel Gatto, the tall, popular senior that most girls would kill just to get close to.  Daniel had been courting Remy on and off all of senior year.  While Daniel was attractive, something about him always made Remy apprehensive and a bit uncomfortable.  Moreover, Daniel refused to take no for an answer despite Remy’s polite rebuff to his advances leading Remy to question whether Daniel’s interest in her was genuine or for some ulterior motive.             With a simple tap on the shoulder, Remy’s life would change forever.  Logan Canino was unlike any boy she had ever seen. As soon as Remy lays eyes on him, she knows he is more then just a new guy at school. Remy does not know why, but she feels an instant connection to 

Logan.  Little did she know that Logan had been keeping watch on Remy all her life and the connection she felt had been forged years before when she was just a little girl.